Hug is a multi-brand retail space dedicated to the promotion and sale of clothing, accessories, lifestyle and art, and the creation of a multi-dimensional shopping experience. The aim is to introduce an international designer brand that blends Eastern and Western cultures from a fashion perspective. Hug introduces the designer brand that integrates Eastern and Western cultures with an international perspective. Not limited to the region, it has both a modern sense of the West and an oriental feeling and poetry.

"a future hug", blurring the boundaries, let the world culture interact with each other and become the spiritual destination of the future world. “a calm hug”, like the thinking of the founder of the brand, the world is full of “overheating” and superficial chills. The existence of hug is a good design that hopes to be sincere, not redundant, and retains the essence. It is really concerned about it. When it is embraced, it is sincere, and when it is continued, it is a calm thought. The existence of hug will separate the influence of hype and public opinion, pay attention to the clothing itself, and filter out the most sincere, most practical, and most styled design.

Hug does not follow the trend, pays attention to the clothing itself, hopes to be calm and sincerely recommended in the current fast fashion culture, with cultural thinking, and can still retain the classic design that spans the time and space boundaries. With this ideal and understanding, Hug firmly believes that he is doing the right thing.